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  To make your work easier and speed up the process of posting photos, we provide a link on our website throughout the week

to download photos of the New O'la Voga Collection.

How to download photos:

When using a computer:

1. Click the Download icon, the WeTransfer app will automatically open

2. Click Download and Open the file using Windows Explorer

3. Create a new folder on your desktop, copy the files and paste them into the folder

 you can start working with the photos of our New Collection!

When using your phone:

1. Download the WeTransfer app

2. On our website click the Download icon.

The WeTransfer app will automatically open.

3. Click the Save items button.

4. When further instructions appear, click Save As Board.

5. Select the images you are interested in, select them and click Export.

Choose where you want to save the files.

Dane! You are ready to use the photos!

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